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Friday, January 20, 2006

Gays rights are taking over Washington

As many of you know....I have strong feelings about homosexuality. I do not, nor will I , support legislation that allows Homosexuals to marry or have special rights. Today was a sad day for every true Republican in Washington State. With a Majority vote in the House...a bill was passed out. This bill will allow homosexuals.....gays be included as a minority status. So that we are no longer allowed to discriminate against them in the workplace, when renting them property, selling them homes, giving them credit, etc.

It honestly, has been the saddest day in history for Washington State. What ever happened to the freedom to choose who we want to surround ourselves with. We allow gays and lesbians to have the freedom to be who they feel they need to be, but yet, we did not include religous freedoms in that minority status bill. So, while we protect people who freely choose to have sex with people that are of the same gender, we do not believe in protecting people from discrimination based on their religous beliefs.

The truth is...the Democrats have used their power as the majority to pass immoral much as they possibly can...because they know that at some point soon, they will no longer have the majority power. At which , we will do all we can to build back the moral foundation of Washington State.

There is not much more to comment on this issue...we need to quit allowing this special treatment for homosexuals. They are not a minority...they are just people with strange sexual preferences.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Could I be anymore busier!?

Ok, so I know I have not blogged in a very long time...and I am sure that you all have been waiting on pins and needles for my next post....( : it is...Could I be anymore busier? Seriously, why is it that during the holidays EVERYONE wants something from you!?!? Also...why is there the expectation that if you are single during the start of the holidays, you will, by a wonderous miracle, be UN-single by Christmas time? What's the deal? I have been "harrassed"....since asked out is way too nice of a several young men...and by young, I mean..young...and then a few older...and by older..i mean..just flat out I realize people are lonely, but COME ON! Christmas is about the Lord and of getting a lot of presents...its not about desperation and quick fixes. Grrr! small pet peeve...

Also...what is this crap about "Happy Holidays"?? No retards..its Merry Christmas...get it right damn it! I refuse to say Happy Holidays to anyone...It is Merry Christmas..and then if I know I offended them...I like to throw in.."May God bless you in the New Year"...ahh...I love to see the heathens squirm. ( :

Next: New pattern in my life....Boys that are just friends...and not boyfriends...and not boys that like boys..these are straight guys...what is that about??? I have more guy friends than I do girlfriends..i go out to parties and dinner, etc...with my guy friends..and not my girl friends...I am confused...when did the "friend" status change? I thought girls were supposed to hang with girls..and if a dude was hangin with ya..its cause he likes you. This world is crazy. However, I will say...that most nights I go out with my guy friends, I never spend a dime of my own money. They all buy me is pretty damn nice actually. the long run, I am not complaining.

Last: I have a few political "beefs" I want to rant about..but I will do that later tonight when I get home....

I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Sulu comes out!


All I have to if this has infiltrated Star Trek...then what is left to destroy in this world.

Friday, October 21, 2005

I 901 and I 912 topics..smoking ban and gas tax repeal:

First of all..many know that I am opposed to the smoking ban...I do not believe that government has the right to tell people how to run their businesses. I have heard lots of valid arguements against opposition to the smoking ban and I understand that this is for health purposes. But if we continue to let government dictate our lives...then we will be giving them an opening for the start of communism.
the gas tax repeal..I AM FOR main reason is because polls showed that the majority of Washington people opposed the transportation budget that included the tax raise. Washington people did not want the additional taxes. I understand that supposedly if we repeal this tax..current projects would stop and we would be in a tougher spot than we are know. With that being said..did you know that the legislature funds projects that do not even have permit? Therefore, we set aside money for places like King County...for major projects that are so important..we cant even work on them!?!? Yet, that money could be used to fix projects in other counties that already have permits. Go figure.

However,..I do believe that the repeal will pass..and the Democrats will bend us over and screw us by passing a supplemental budget of some kind this next session to put that tax back in place. Our only hope is that the Democrats will use time to make mistakes so that we can gain back seats in the house and senate and get majority.

This is all I am going to say on this....feel free to comment..everyone loves a healthy debate ( ;

Semi Retired

Hello all...yeah, I know that I have not blogged in a very long long time. Life has taken me on several new paths that take up a lot of my I apologize. I will be checking others sites and making comments...but will not be putting a lot of comments on this blog...some here and there..thanks for all those that have maintained loyal

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Diamond Forever....

Neil Diamond...he was awesome!

Definitely old...very very old...the lust factor died when we saw him come on stage...but his voice...his voice was amazing.

He played for 2 hours straight, no intermission, no encores. He was just amazing. His band was fabulous..the songs he sang were great (although..i was bummed out when he didn't sing solitary man) ...but it was awesome.

Would I see him again? was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. But man, was he old.

That...and there were so many old people and tranny's....we were definitely the minority in that arena. Crazy.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cracklin Rose...


Seriously..I am so excited I cant even sleep!!!!

Yeah..i am dork...what of it?!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Quit blaming the President.

How can people keep blaming the President for what happened and is happening in Louisiana?

How can a man, that has NO CONTROL over mother nature, be accused of making mistakes when it came to rescuing these people?
First of all, was it Bush's fault that people did not listen to the mandatory evacuation? If you had nothing, then leaving with nothing wouldn't be any different, then staying with nothing... Make sense? These people that said they didn't have the funds to leave or didn't have a car, etc...ok, I feel a little bad for them, but only a little. Hey, I am a capitalist..if you want to be better, only you can make yourself that way, it is not the governments job to do it.
Second of all, again, how is it Bush's fault that when rescue teams started to search for survivors, hoodlums and looters, armed themselves with weapons, and started to shoot at these people? Hey, if you dont want to be rescued, fine...die...I am not going to risk my life for yours.
Thirdly, the Superdome...of course they were going to be without food....of course they were going to be with out is this Bush's fault? Isn't this really the State of Louisana's fault? Isn't this their governor's fault?? When the storm ended, why wasn't martial law called? Why didn't officials go to the grocery stores and take whatever food and water was edible and take it? How can you blame Bush for the lack of preparedness by the LA people? They were warned three days in advance that this storm was coming and that it was a level 5....
Lastly, Bush didn't make this storm. He didn't tell all the poor minorities to stay in LA and to leave their shelters/homes with walk barefoot or to come in flip flops and their the Superdome. They KNEW 3 days in advance. No one told them to stay, it was their choice. Now because they made the decision and they dont like the outcome, they want to blame someone else.
This is not a race issue. If this happened in Florida, we would be racist against the Cubans that live there? Or if this happened in California, would we be racist against the Mexicans? Or wait...what about if this happened in Washington, would be racist against the White people or the Asian American groups? This is not a race issue. It is unfortunate that the group that is there...are African is unfortunate, that they were the poor group in LA. But, I do not think Hurricane Katrina and George Bush said..hmm...well...lets annihilate New Orleans because all the poor black people live there.
Quit blaming the President.

Gas Tax Roll Back

Wednsday, Republicans proposed legislation that would "roll back" the 31cent gas tax in Washington State for 90 days, as a relief effort for the rising cost of gas, due to Hurricane Katrina (which I think is BS..but that is a whole other blog).

Of course, our beloved Governor DENIED that roll back stating that we could not afford to miss three months of taxes and still continue to keep transportation repair projects going. (again, something else that I think is BS). Republicans determined that we would be able to survive those three months by using some of the funds in the reserve account...again, Gregoire denied this request, stating that the Reserve funds were not to be used for "this kind of emergency".

Yeah, know, there is a reason WA has one of the highest unemployment rates in the is thinking like Gregoire that keeps us poor and in a constant state of frustration.

All we can hope is that her denial will help to boost our popularity during elections time and will help seal her fate, so that this foolish person does not rig another mean,...get re-elected.